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Monday, October 28, 2013

heartbroken again and again

No matter how much I try, sometimes i think that I failed relationship really badly. Sometimes it makes me think, where have I gone wrong?

1) Am I too ugly? No I dont think so. I saw lots of common people getting married ( well as a doctor who delivered lots of babies, sometimes when I saw the mum, I was like whoaa, someone willing to sleep with this woman?) and yet it makes me think why I'm still single.

2) Am i not bright? no, I dont think so. born and breed as a good student since childhood and now a ho in Putrajaya. I have a bright future ahead. That's a bonus. well i saw it as a bonus

3) Is my family a disaster family? No, I came from a good family. A stable well financed family, and a loving one I might add.

4) Am i egoistic? dull personality? no. i have a very cheerful personality and i talk a lot. When u get to know me? I will be the nicest person u know..

But why am I getting heartbroken again and again? what did i do so wrong to deserve this?..:'(